Sunday, September 03, 2006

my handy man x2

The Handy Man strikes again......
This shelf/bulletin board is Greg's latest creation. For Micaela's room. (Her artwork needs a home..) It's made of beautiful red oak and it just looks so much better than any picture I could take. Micaela literally squealed with delight when Greg hung it in her room. The first thing she put on the shelf? Her Hello Kitty collection....

What you can't see:

*it matches her desk and her bed perfectly.
*all of the loving care her daddy put into building this.

This, to me, is the best part of having a woodworker in the house. Soon our home will be filled with gorgeous handmade pieces. He's made Jonathan's bed, Micaela's desk, bulletin board and is presently designing her night stand. Lots of frames and benches. I envy that he's so capable. I can't even read a map much less design plans!!

Next piece is a new TV stand. We're re-arranging our living room and it'll be a major change.... Posted by Picasa

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