Friday, September 01, 2006

odds and ends of the day

It's a rainy Friday night, I am on the computer, kids in bed, Greg's in the woodshop.
The wind is HOWLING outside. But hey, at least we don't live on the Outer Banks....they must be getting hammered. I do not miss that part of life near the Gulf Coast...

I am admitting, right here and now, that I have been a terrible friend to some people that I treasure. This card that you see if a "thank you" card that has been sitting on my desk for MONTHS, completed and ready to send, but my lazy butt doesn't have any stamps. I am horrible about going to the Post Office.....I have missed three friends' birthdays, and those are just the ones I can remember....I am working on a better system for remembering b-days and special days.....A reminder: Grandparents Day is Sept 10th! (I am mailing that card out tomorrow!)

I am starting the "30 days" tomorrow. remember I mentioned it a few days ago...Was supposed to be TODAY but I read my calendar wrong....Well, I have been following up on the original witer's blog...and this line just JUMPED out at me.....

May the Lord give me strength to open my hands and let go.

That one sentence just really touched me. I don't want to be one of those people who just want more and more and more, nor do I want my kids to be that way. I feel powerless sometimes again the "gimmes". So I turning away from consumerism for a while. Going to see how it goes. I am a work in progress and I don't expect that I will be 100% successful but I am going to try. It's hard to turn away from something that feels sooooo good. And let's face it, consumerism feels good. Buying stuff that makes me happy feels good. But I don't NEED more. I need less. I want to want less. And from this, I want good to happen. I want to take the money I save and give it to our church for a mission they have coming up. I am not denying myself goodies because I think it will make me "holy". Not at all....I want to do this because I want a change inside of me. In my soul. (Think "The Change Inside of Me" by MercyMe).

Okay, I am going to finish my cup of tea and find my mexican blanket....
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Linda said...

that's what I think of when I am singing in church (or in the car) and my arms go up, outstretched, with the palms outward. I'm letting go - I'm being submissive by showing God my hands, and knowing that HE will take them for me.

for birthdays/special days, try Birthday Alarm!!!