Friday, September 08, 2006

oh's Friday!

Friday not only means the end of the week, but Adam (my lil homeschooled kiddo) it's something even better:


This means every Friday, we go on a field trip......but there's a catch: he has to do his lessons through out the week to earn the Field Trip.

Today, we're going to Great Country Farms, in a nearby small town. Why are we going there? Because when I asked Adam what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to see a llama.....where does he get this stuff? I am not making this up. So I know that Great Country farms has one...I like that place. It's I wish I could find a family or friend who would split the CSA program with me. They have this cool program that delivers vegetables to your door once a week, beautiful, fresh veggies and fruits with little or no pesticides. But it's a bit pricey for just me so I have to find someone to split it with.

Oh, I am dragging today. Nothing like staying up till 4 IN THE MORNING and missing the alarm entirely to start your day. Luckily, Micaela was a forgiving soul when I had to take her to school and get a tardy slip. That won't happen again. I just couldn't sleep last night. But I bet that I will tonight. The kids and I are having movie night..complete with popcorn and slushies.

Off to tackle this day....
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Linda said...

I did a coop when I was in Georgia...we had about 15 women involved. The coop leader would go to the local farmers markets and get stuff, then divide it between us...and she'd divide the total cost between us too. Every two weeks we got a TON of great stuff for about $25!

Llama, huh? On Diego yesterday (a spin-off of Dora, in case you didn't know) they had Linda Llama, tee hee! Hannah called me Linda Llama all day!