Sunday, September 24, 2006

partial list of stamps I am EBaying

I am going to be posting these on EBay in the coming week. This is just a PARTIAL list of what I am clearing out. If you see something you want, e-mailme privately and I will give you the price. I am ready to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff....If you need to see what they look like, just go punch up the stamp set in Ebay. The only one that is too rare to find is Madonna and Child. No one ever gives that one up........

This is the 1st of probably three HUGE lists that I am compiling. I need room worse than I need stamps. I truly have too much. I am just purging like half of the get while the gettin's good!

All stamps are Stampin' Up unless otherwise noted. All in great condition and cut and mounted with demonstrator-like precision.

DD Gladsome Garden
Renewed Faith -
Peace on Earth
Olive You
Madonna and child
Holiday Wishes
Stipple Plaid Background stamp
Christmas Gift Tags- rare and hard to find-
Bitty Boos Too
Spring Fling
Background Basics
Itty Bitty Backgrounds
Fall Whimsy
Stencil Alphabet
Roses in Winter
Tall Tales alphabet
Crayon Fun numbers
Little pieces
Close to Nature
Simple Somethings
Fantastic Foliage
Power Up
Words of Wisdom
Elegant Inspiration
Polar Bears
Sassy Seasonals
Happiest of Holidays
Star-Spangled Banner
All about U
Dream come True
Terrific Tulips

Regular: Watercolor Joy All Heart Builder Bits Busy Bees
Jumbo: Baby Rattle Highly Decorated

I am seriously thinking of justing this as ONE HUGE LOT on EBay, but some of these rare sets go for like $40-55 each. No one is crazier than an obsessed stamper. (I know...)

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Christy said...

Suzanne how much for all of them?

Linda said...

Now THERE's a crazy woman (CHRISTY!!!). As much as I am interested in these, I can not, CAN NOT buy any (though the christmas tags one is SCREAMING my name).

You're going to drive me crazy posting these like this!!!

Scott B. said...

What does "Roses in Winter" say or look like?

Sue said...

Don't know if you still have these but...I have been looking for the Elegant Inspirations as well as the Terrific Tulips :)