Friday, September 01, 2006

rainy day in DC

It's raining here......(of course it's raining!!)
Respite care (which I was really looking forward to) has been cancelled. I am bummed. I love those 5 kidless hours with my husband. It's the one thing he and I don't get enough of: time alone. It's truly luxurious....
But hey, not all is lost, there are puddles in life. This is one of them, and here is what Adam does with puddles. I was less than thrilled because he's wearing BRAND NEW shoes.....
but life is short. Shoes are cheap. And my boy is happy in the rain.

Also, thank you for all the prayers and many nice notes, wondering what's up with me. I've told the people who need to know. Not shutting anyone out, it's just personal. Thanks again. Posted by Picasa

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