Friday, September 08, 2006

remembering 9-11

9-11 is never far from my mind.
I am married to a soldier.
And I live outside our nation's capitol.
All weekend, I will share what I feel are important images, stories and links. I know the whole country is reliving it. But we should always remember. Never forget....

Bill Biggart’s last photograph, of the fallen south tower, taken shortly before the north tower collapsed

*Courtesy of the family of William G. Biggart

Bill Biggart walked the two miles from his home in Manhattan to reach the World Trade Center as soon as he learned of the first plane hitting the north tower. A longtime New York portrait photographer turned photojournalist, Biggart knew it was important to get as close to the action as possible. But on September 11, the dramatic photos he obtained cost him his life. Biggart was the only professional photographer to die at Ground Zero; his last image of the fallen south tower was taken minutes before his death during the collapse of the north tower. Posted by Picasa

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