Saturday, September 23, 2006


This day started off with a light rain and a not-so-light sinus headache. Oh, how I hate my sinuses. Is it God's way of humbling me? If so, I am humbled. Now stop.....please....

Seriously though.....have you ever felt odd, like something was about to happen, but you didn't know what? Kind of like when you wake up from a deep sleep and you can almost remember your dream but not quite....It's like that. I feel like something is going to happen....Don't know what it is. I just have a weird feeling.

A miracle happened today.

No, I am not talking about that 4-legged chicken discovered in Somerset, PA.
Nor the fact that Grey's Anatomy is on iTunes....


My husband tries to get me to rest more but you know, there's only one of me and I have too much to do. I always feel like I am behind as it is, so napping just doesn't happen. But for two glorious hours, no one bothered me. The house was so quiet. And I napped!!

Tonight I might go down to the basement and fix the mess that is my desk.....but my craft area is like a casino: no clock, no windows, time just stands still. I can lose HOURS there...So if I go down there, odds are I will look up and go "Holy Mole', it's 2am.." and then I would be toddler-cranky all day long..

Off to eat dinner now. Wild rice, roasted chicken and corn wrapped in homemade tortillas. One of my most favorite meals.... Posted by Picasa

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