Monday, September 18, 2006

that time of year......

It's my FAVORITE time of year.


I love the leaves as they change colors. It's not so much that they change, but that they surrender themselves to the change. I knew a photographer in AK (her speciality was food but she did wildlife, too) and that was how she thought of it: surrending yourself to the inevitably of the seasons. Of course, in Alaska, you pretty much have to think like that.

But back to Fall.....I just love it! The crispness of the air, not running the A/C, being able to relax outside on the deck. Plus Fall has my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. I love doing the whole big meal (which I totally stress over and always make too much food)...I love that day. Thanksgiving was always a big day at my house growing up. My mom could out cook Martha Stewart any day. Martha doesn't KNOW Thanksgiving because she's never been to my momma's house. That being said, I don't make giblet gravy. Haven't had it since I left home. I do miss it but it's way too much work.....but I do everything else. We do two turkies: one over-roasted and one smoked. And my kids can eat their weight in cranberry sauce (which I have decieved them into thinking is some sort of special jello that comes in a can...)

So I am planning the Thanksgiving menu, figuring who (if anyone) to invite to our Feast, and of course, making the cards. I suck at mailing out Christmas cards (I ALWAYS forget...ALWAYS!) but I manage to get Thanksgiving cards together and mailed in a proper fashion. Go figure.

So if you have a special Thanksgiving recipe or memory you'd like to share, leave it in the comment section. I do need a TESTED recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake for all you foodies out there.

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Edited to add: Thank you, Lovely Mr. Anonymous....He writes that "hopefully you meant to type OVEN roasted and not OVER roasted. My wife would rather choke than admit her cooking is less than stellar." One of my turkies IS OVEN roasted and juicy as all get out.

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Linda said...

no recipes to share, sorry...but I DO want the technique for that card...I have Fall Whimsy, and I'm guessing that's the resist technique, but how did you do the colors behind the leaves? Or did you use white craft ink? Inquiring minds want to know!

Oh...and pink with brown, or brown with pink? Just asking! ;-)