Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday night

It's been a whirlwind of activity these past two days....
even too busy to BLOG.....egads!
Nothing tremendously exciting going....just the ordinary "stuff"...homeschooling lessons, The Mom-mobile here and there, trips to Wal-Mart, setting up photo gigs....the usual.

But tonight is different.

I wore the kids out. I am going to take a bath hot enough to melt my tension away, open a bottle of wine (if I can find the opener) and watch a movie. Not a chick flick, not even a romance. But certainly a movie that demands to be watched. I had wanted to see this in the theater but missed the chance. It's "United 93" and I have been waiting for this one.

I'll give a movie review tomorrow. I watched "An Unfinished Life" today. I will watch anything with Morgan Freeman or Robert Redford in it. It also had Jennifer Lopez, and she was completely unremarkable....It doesn't matter how old Redford gets, he still looks so rugged and handsome. That man is timeless. And I could listen to Morgan Freeman's voice forever. He is so talented. I loved him in "Glory" and "Seven"......

I just love movies. I love my Netflix. The last (grown-up) movie I saw in the theater was "The Passion of the Christ". I also feel like that was the last movie worth the exorbitant price of a ticket. It's criminal how much they charge....THAT is why I have Netflix....that and all the foreign films....

Okay, I'm babbling now.....but you're still reading, so who's the crazy one?

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Linda said...

I watched Flight 93 on A&E last interested in seeing United 93 to see the similarities/differences. Different perspectives, of course!