Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ugh...back to school and more!

It's been a crappy day in Suzie-World (that's what I affectionately call my life.)
It rained cats and dogs this morning. I mean, like God was just tipping a bucket on us...Just a drenching rain. It would not have been so bad if my sinuses weren't SCREAMING for the past 4 days. I hate sinus pain. Have had it my whole life...HATE it. The only med that worked was removed from the market by the FDA.

Micaela was so nervous this morning, she almost puked. Poor girl.....First day of school was always nerve-wracking. Apparently it still is. She chose her 1st day outfit with great care. I'd love to show you how cute she looked but frankly, I didn't have the camera going. I didn't want to get her going by forcing a posed Kodak moment, so I let it slide. Besides, she IS the cutest girl in the world and she won't notice if I don't have one back-to-school picture. Dropped her off at school and I can't stop worrying about her....It's only 1st grade but she's going to be gone ALL DAY LONG. I already miss her......

Next came Jonathan's drop off. He knows the drill and he was ITCHING to get back into the groove. He has missed his friends and teachers. Glad he was so effortless this morning. But man, I hated walking through the halls of his high school. Some things never changed: I hated high school when I was in it, and I still get that claustrophophobic feeling in the hallways...And, man, do high school girls look GROWN UP or what? Some of those girls could easly pass for early 20's....and I won't even address the skimpy wardrobe I saw. It's truly awful to see such young beautiful girls look so cheap.

But it's time for homeschooling and re-focus my energy on something amazing: the one kiddo I have left at home! I am praying for patience, healing and love today. Posted by Picasa


Scott B. said...

Didn't I make High School worthwhile for you? Just joking. You know... Dobie isn't even Dobie any more. It is now Beverly Hills. Dobie has a new building now. I've not been there to visit yet. Don't really care to go.

There is a tough dress code at PISD now. It makes for boring yearbooks as now everybody looks alike.

Ah, the days... glad they are behind me.

Hang in there! You're doing great!

Linda said...

You can always get a "back from the first day of school" picture, along with all the paraphanelia that she is SURE to bring home, lol!

Sorry to hear about your HS days...you know, add that to the things we have in common...never much liked school - people made it MISERABLE for me. I was NEVER so happy in my life to graduate and leave that he**hole.

Hope life in Suzie-World's "Ms. Suzie's Wild Sinus Ride" go better. Scott's fighting that sinus battle right now. Am I blessed or what? Two sick kiddos, a sick hubby, and I'm healthy as a horse (YAY!)

Christy said...

I hope you're feeling better and that the weather improves soon! Your sweet girl, poor thing. I remember when I was the new girl being nervous, but after that was done with (after 2nd grade we never moved to another district) I loved the first day of school. I hope the day ended up going great for her.

Sorry that your hs years were not so great. I definately feel blessed in that I had a lot of fun in high school, I was kind of in the middle where I seemed to get along and be friends with pretty well everyone.

God Bless...I'll check in tomorrow!