Wednesday, September 27, 2006

what makes me happy.....

My day was eventful but nothing worth repeating.....just crammed full of the daily Mom-stuff.
I am feeling a bit more human. A magical Hershey's bar helped wonders....and massive hydration. I will win over these germs! I will!

Today in the car, we were on our way to the next town (Hamilton) to drop off our recycling. We're uber-responsible recyclers, thanks to Micaela. That girl will hound you if you dare throw away something that can be recycled. Shame on you!! She's the Recycle-Nag. I am just The Nag.

Anyhoo.......we were in the car and Adam was attempting to show Micaela how to say the "before we start homeschooling lessons" prayer. (Which is basically "Dear God, help me to learn good things. Amen."

But Adam wanted a deeper connection. He wanted a conversation with God today.

So I am watching him in the rearview mirror. He has his eyes squeezed tightly closed, hands clenched togther in fervent prayer mode. And he says, "God? Are you there....? it's me, Adam Scott Balvanz. I'm 4."

He waits for a bit......and then says "I can't HEAR you...."

Well, God must have said something,
because Adam sweetly smiled and said, "I love you, too....ok......ok...Amen."

I had tears in my eyes and I was trying so hard to hold my giggles in. It's good to know that he can talk to God. And it's even better than he knows God loves him.

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Scott B. said...

tears in Houston too.

Linda said...

sweet...made me teary-eyed as well...

Micaela would LOVE Germany, they're into UBER recycling too. I realize how much I miss it here because my trash can is REALLY full all the time. In Germany, I separated ALL cardboard (cereal boxes, etc), plastics (to include 1/2 gallon cardboard milk cartons - since they're waxed, they are considered plastic!), cans and glass. Now, it's all going to one place, and my can is perpetually full. Sad.