Sunday, September 10, 2006

where ya been, baby?

My sinus infection is now in one of my ears.
VERY painful. So I am sitting as still as possible, with a cup of Earl Grey. (I think I am addicted to hot tea again. My husband better come home soon so I can switch back to lemon water!)

While sitting here at Command Central (aka my desk), I have been cruising some very cool homeschooling sites. I am proud to say that I have ALL of this week's lessons READY TO GO!! Wooo hooo....

One of the sites that I stumbles across was this one:

Let's you make a little map of all of the states in the US that you've visited. I have been to 40 states, which is 78% of the country. I need to travel more, seriously. Being married to a military man has enabled me to see a HUGE chunk of the country and I LOVE THAT PART of military life....Next summer, we hope to vacation in Minnesota. My dream is to one day, some day see the Grand Canyon. Some day, I will.

Now, my tea cup is empty and I have laundry to fold. The sock basket is in danger of being folded, OH NO!! Posted by Picasa

Edited to add: I have been in Minnesota...but I don't think that being on a 2 lane road for like half hour's time counts. I want to STAY and fish and camp in Minnesota. Didn't feel I could add that one officially.

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