Thursday, October 12, 2006

2007 CK dates

These have probably been up for WEEKS, but I am behind on everything.....I had REALLY wanted to go to one of these this years, but missed registration and couldn't afford airfare/costs, etc.

But in 2007, I'm seriously thinking about it......just thinking though.

Portland, OR: March 9–10, 2007
St. Louis, MO: April 13–14, 2007
Mesa, AZ: April 20–21, 2007
Nashville, TN: May 4–5, 2007
Manchester, NH: May 18–19, 2007
Buffalo, NY: June 1–2, 2007
NEW! Ft. Lauderdale, FL: June 29–30, 2007
Valley Forge, PA: July 27-28, 2007
Charlotte, NC: August 3–4, 2007
Tulsa, OK: August 24–25, 2007
Phoenix, AZ: September 14–15, 2007
Kansas City, MO: October 19-20, 2007
Seattle, WA: November 9–10, 2007

Now, the big question is which one?? Obviously I would have liked it to be in MY TOWN. But no.....CK did not consult me. Can you believe that? I mean, come on, folks....I live near DC. You know how many scrappers we have here??? Certainly more than in Tulsa, OK or Nashville, TN......(I am just grousing, so no hate mail please.)

I don't there's one within 6 hours drive time of me. Gotta find me a local scrap-scrazed nut who will not only ride/drive with me but share a room. Posted by Picasa


Christy said...

Valley Forge, Pa isn't that far from you, well it's at least the closest one to you. I say go to that one! :)

Sue said...

Suzanne, how about planning a KC one -- we can all meet (linda you and I) what fun would that be :)