Wednesday, October 11, 2006

catching up

First of all, thank you for all of the well-wishes and prayers. I am feeling a bit better. My kidneys are healing and I am regaining my strength. I spent most of the weekend in a blur of pain. But now, it is lifting. No one is happier than my kids....This morning, Adam snuck into my room and I hear this tiny lil voice, pleading, "Mommy, are you still tooo sick to snuggle?" Well, let me tell you, there is magical healing power in a child's hug. Adam has been glued to my side this morning. He even sat on the washer while I was folding clothes. He's very glad that I am on the mend.

One more thing about illness and I will shut up (I feel like an old woman, nothing but ailments and the weather). Why can't pharmaceutical R&Ds develop an antibiotic that doesn't make you lose all sense of taste? I swear by the time I finish this trial of meds, I will have lost 10#. I can't eat anything, I can't smell anything. I did eat some mashed potatoes last night but they made me sick. I HATE being sick.

Now onto other topics....Fall is TOTALLY here. The air is crisp. Leaves are flying everywhere. Adam is part of a Thursday Art (homeschooling) class and on last Thursday they went on a leaf hunt. He loved collecting and examining each leaf. I love Fall. In fact, before too many more days pass, I am going to drag my husband to this very spot where I took this picture and do Greg's pictures for my portfolio.

I missed my Oct 1st go-live date. Being sick really messed up a lot of things. But I am actively working on my website. It's just so much to keep track of, ya know? You don't have to wait until my website is up and running if you would like to schedule a sitting. Just e-mail me!

OOOOhhhh, did you guys see the new ARMY slogan? It's "ARMY strong" and man, it is so HOOAH. They already have the video on YouTube. If I weren't such a lepton, I might one day be able to figure out how to embed videos on my blog. But go here and watch it. I loved it! Made me get all teary eyed. I am very proud of being a soldier's wife.

Anyhow, I have laundry to catch up on and bread to bake today. I did promise to bake cookies today, too.....Back to my regularly scheduled life now.

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Linda said...

That's an awesome video! I know they were here in town filming for some of the new commercials. The shop owners down on Poyntz Avenue were all upset because they blocked off parking for the entire day, but only filmed on the street in late afternoon. Can't wait to see those...when I do, I'll let you know which ones were done here.

Glad you're feeling better now...losing weight is losing weight, no matter HOW it's just a matter of keeping it off, right?

That picture - THAT'S the country road in my poem, girl!