Friday, October 27, 2006

cool things

My birthday came early this year.
I got my new lens today! A special friend gave me a gift certificate to my local camera shop and I bought myself the Zuiko 18-180mm lens. I am terribly happy! I am not a materialistic person but I really really wanted this. This friend, whom I shall not name, is special to me. THANK YOU, You're an angel to me.

It's all about photography for me this weekend. Not only do I have a new lens to play with, but my darling husband has agreed to let me practice with my new reflectors. I bought the 5-in-1 reflectors from Amvona and need more practice. Thankfully, Greg will be willing. But I fear we won't have much sunshine on this rainy weekend...

Interesting article on MSNBC...... it's about what I do: take picture of kiddos. I don't think I am going do the "year long" contracts deal....but you just never know what the future holds!

Now, I have to go scrapbook with Micaela. She's been begging to go to the basement since she got home. I must oblige! Posted by Picasa

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