Monday, October 16, 2006

I like........

I like my bread homemade and fresh.
I like my shoes comfortable.
I like my clothing washable (no dry clean!!)
I like my burgers well-done and completely TOTALLY PLAIN. (no cheese either)
I like my spicy food few and far between.
I like my house cleaned by someone else.
I like my feet warm (wool socks year round is not uncommon).
I like my popcorn salty.
I like my toenails unpainted.
I like my humor sarcastic.
I like my walls rather plain and calming.
I like my jewelry extremely under-stated.
I like my house silent.
I like my music loud on my iPod.
I like my mornings late.
I like my nights even later.
I like the sky blue.
I like my summers warm but not hot.
I like my acquaintances straight-forward.
I like my children happy, wel-mannered and cooperative.
I like my sweet tea with just the right amount of crushed ice.
I like my cars made by Volvo.
I like my kitchen big, with GOBS of counter space.
I like my reading material eclectic.
I like my Saturday dedicated to family activities.
I like my hair short and stylish (I have half of that equation).
I like my newspapers online.
I like my movies long and weepy.
I like my flowers fragrant. (but isn't it funny that tulips, my fave flower, have no scent)

I like this life.

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Linda said...

You'd better do a layout of these likes for a BOM!!!!

Party Girl said...

That is SO awesome!

It's always nice to read something positive like that. Awesome!

Angie said...

I like alot of those same things. Great list.