Sunday, October 15, 2006

just random stuff

Saw this card and liked it so much that I am making 50 of them today. I am actively making cards again for the troops. Have not done it for a few months because the specific guys I was sending CARE packages to had re-deployed. Well, some other friends have shipped out and some of the guys who had come back are once again headed to Iraq. So the card ministry starts up again.....Some of you have no idea what I am talking about....I make cards and leave the insides blank so that soldiers can write sweet lil love notes to their waiting loved ones. I have sent thousands of cards, made by my kids and I. Lots of stampers just like me do it. I have been doing it since a month after the war started. That's a LOT of cards. It's the least we can do, you know. These guys are far from home for a YEAR or I send flat rate Priority Mail boxes stuffed full of cards and goodies. This week, I am mailing 4 full boxes to a Chaplain. God bless him.

Been working feverishly on the website. Trying to nail down the particulars of my brochure. Awaiting the delivery of my re-done business cards. STILL trying to narrow down the shots for the portfolio. Greg has been very helpful with that. And yes, still scheduling sittings during all of this. NOW would be a good time to do a family picture for holiday cards. If you've been thinking about it, just call me and I'll let you know my availability. I am going to start a separate photo business blg so I don't mix business with all my weird personal stuff....I'll let you guys have a sneak peek as soon I decide if I want to go with Blogspot or Typepad.

Going to a little girl's costume birthday party today. It was supposed to be yesterday but it was moved to today. Micaela is dressing as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Of course, I will take gobs of pictures.

So far, a really good weekend. I am looking forward to this week. I am going to the camera shop to "dream" know what that is? It's pretend-shopping, like you had all the money in the world.

I might even do some scrapbooking this evening. It's so hard to finish that Use it Up Challenge!! I am not even half-way done and I wanted to be done before my birthday!! (only 25 days till I turn 38!!) Maybe I can make it.....but it's hard when I am pulled in 12 different directions.

Okay, I am just babbling...

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Linda said...

I like that card...I'm going to "lift" it and make it with some different stamps, I think (I don't have that nice plaid set!)

Sounds like you're feeling MUCH better....wish i my blog in a bit for details. sigh.