Monday, October 02, 2006

the Monday morning momma madness

Everyone's prayers worked! I feel human again.
Not 100% yet but I am at least able to GET UP OFF THE BED/COUCH and be productive. I hate being sick. I like the napping part but at that price, no thank you!

So it's I headed to Target. I love Target. I wish it were closer, like in my backyard perhaps? It's the perfect store for me, has everything I need and EVERYTHING I WANT (and then some). But today it wasn't about ME. Not at all.

Today Adam and I were on a mission. To find THE SOCCER BALL.
It had to be THE soccer ball. Special. Just for him.

So this is our adventure.

Explanation of pictures:
#1 Adam is SUPER happy that Mom is no longer sick!! (so is Mom)
#2 In the Mom-mobile, complete with dorky but functional clip-on sunglasses. Also please note the very cute boy in the back seat waving the magic finger...His Dad taught him how to patiently chant at the light and change the light. Whatever, dude. He's quite in traffic most times.
#3 Our beloved SuperTarget.
#4 Happily soaking up the sun.

So we set off into the store....
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stefani said...

GLad to hear you are feeling better.

I LOVE Target!!! DH is jealous!!!! and ours is not even a Super Target. If we had one of those he would NEVER see me! LOL!