Friday, October 27, 2006

my path

Not far from where I live, maybe a 15 minute drive, down a long hilly road, is my path.
Well, it's not my path.

But it is.

You see.....I feel such a connection to the road.
I was having a bad day once and praying while driving, talking to God, asking him a lot of "Why?" questions. The problem, whatever it was, is gone from my memory. It was soooo important at the time but now, I couldn't even tell you what it was....
I was zooming along at 60 mph and I looked to my left and this path was there.
And all of a sudden, I knew...

God has me on my path.
I don't know every detail but He does.
And he was asking me to have faith and trust in Him.

So this is my path. Not really. But it is....

I have shot this same path 3 out of 4 seasons now. As soon as winter and a serious snowfall hits, I'll finish my series and be able to print them and hang them in my home.
8x10's printed in lush vivid colors and matted in a square format.
I will love looking at them knowing that I am on my path.
Out of all of the seasons thus far, Fall is my favorite.
In this picture, it appears as if my Path is caught between two seasons. I love that.

Thanks for letting me share.

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Linda said...

That's the road I was telling you about...the one my poem goes well with. I'd love a copy of those 4 prints as well - I'd get the poem printed and put the 4 pictures around the poem....