Thursday, October 19, 2006

something good

I love getting mail. Both REAL WORLD and virtual.
My kids are the same way, they fight over who's going to check the mail.
Yesterday was a good mail day. Goodies from King Arthur Flour (butter pecan scone mix that is SINFULLY delicious) and a box of goodies from Fiskars (I am Fiskateer #25!!)

But today, there was something meaningful in my mailbox.
It's the 2006 Holiday Issue of Melwood Garden Center. If you live close to me, you hear the Melwood commercials all the time on the radio. It's a program that trains and employs individuals with developemental disabilties. This is an issue close to my heart. because all three of my children have some sort of special needs: Jonathan's being most significant. Jonathan, who is 18 now, will work in a sheltered program after he graduates in 2010, much like those offered at Melwood. The stuff in the catalog is great. I would love to get any of those. Not a hint for you guys to buy for me, just pointing out that they put out a quality product. (but if you're wondering what *I* want, I'd choose.....just joking!)

But seriously, as you're shopping for goodies this season, think of Melwood.
And think of kids like my Jonathan, who work hard.

To learn more about Melwood, visit for more information.

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Linda said...

ooooh...I think if I were to spend a bundle on you, I'd get you that "around the world tea" basket - you tea-a-holic, you!

SB said...

you know me too well.

I *AM* a tea-a-holic....I do limit myself to one very necessary cup of Earl Grey per day though. That stuff is not only expensive, it's addicting. I like the warmth of tea. I love the smell of coffee but have never liked the taste. So I am totally a tea gal!

Anonymous said...

hey suz,
did you ever eat the scone mix that i sent you? and what is fiskars? never heard of that one!
i only get bills in my mailbox, boo hoo! so, i only check it once a week. i bet my mailguy hates me!!