Tuesday, October 03, 2006

uh huh.....

I am a casual art children's portraiture specialist.

That's a SUPER fancy way of saying I take people's money for photographing their children. This is a ticket into some swanky lifestyles, let me tell ya. I meet interesting people on my journey. That's one of the coolest things I do.

But today tops the list. After Adam's science class, we ventured to McDonald's and got him a snack (nothing for me) I met a mom who actually saw a picture I had taken and we struck up a converation....and I asked her child's name and she peers at me over her pricey italian frames and Spelled rather than replies, "Sneid"

So I spelled it back, confused about pronunciation, so I flat out asked, "How the heck do you say that?"

She pronounces it SNIDE (as in sounds like SLIDE)....Snide? You knowingly named your kid SNIDE? Not even Snider. Just Snide, and spelled oddly.

On the outside I just smiled but all I could think, looking at this poor sweet kid, was "dude, you're gonna have to spell that your whole life."

Of course, what do I know? By next year, it'll probably be THE name to have, much like Chelsea, Ashley, Hannah and the list goes on and on....

but Sneid? (I bet he changes it to Bob when he joins the Marine Corp.) Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

Sneid...pronounced the German way, since the I is the prominent sound...but still...SNIDE...talk about saddling your kid with a bad name...Like Orangejello or Lemonjello (pronounced Oh RAN geh LO or Leh MON geh LO). Or Sha-theed (only spelled the BAD way). Sad...but hey, this woman saw your pictures - that's a GOOD thing!!!