Monday, October 23, 2006

weekend update

I know what you're am I blogging with no computer? Well, my handy husband was able to restore the OLD computer to the point where we could get things off it before it's TOTALLY dead. It's on its last leg. It makes an awful whirring noise when I stay on it too long. It's terrible. I'll be counting the days till the NEW computer gets here. I just ordered it on Friday, why isn't it here yet?...So I can check e-mail and surf for brief bursts. You never know how much you use your computer until you can't.

Weekend update:

Micaela went to a birthday party on Friday. It's good to see my daugher socializing. For most parents, this is a given. But Micaela has fragile x and with it comes a tremendous shyness that sometimes paralyzes her. Luckily, her friends are patient and help her ease into social situations. The litte girl whose party it was is a special friend. She was the first girl Micaela mentioned at the start of the school year. She's a lil scrapper and she sticks to Micaela's side.

In other Micaela-related news.......she received a goody bag from the above-mentioned party. It had girly stuff in it: lipstick/lipgloss and NAIL POLISH. On Saturday, while I lazily sat in the recliner watching "The Break-Up" (which was semi-cute), Micaela decided to paint Adam's EYELIDS with NAIL POLISH. I bolted out of my chair after hearing screams that a mother knows means PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! Adam has very long eyelashes and had blinked, bring NAIL POLISH into his eyes. So we flushed his eyes, I did some yelling, then some hugging. In the end, we threw the nail polish away. Since no injury came from the lip gloss, I let her keep it.

Jonathan had his first good-sized meltdown since MOTHER'S DAY on Sunday. It was heartbreaking for me. I cried and cried. It started because he was not feeling well. When that boy doesn't feel well (which is thankfully very rare), it affects his behavior. But I am trying to look at the positive: one major meltdown in FIVE MONTHS is outstanding. Thank God for anti-psychotics. I mean that literally. My son is much easier to be around with these meds.

Greg spent a good portion of the weekend power-washing the area near our hot tub. Lots of home improvement going on. I think I'll start playing the Lottery and make it easier....

The kids painted wooden pumpkins. Very Picasso-like.....

Had a photo gig scheduled and it fell through. I have two gigs this week and am excitedly planning and working on the BIZ. (doesn't that sound dorky?)

So it's Monday morning, Adam and I are preparing for Homeschooling to Go. What is that, you ask? I take his workseets and some books and WE GO somewhere else. Last week, we sat at the Purcellville Restaurant and did his work and had juice, then walked to the library. I don't know WHERE we will go! But it sure sparks his interest. Also today, we're buying a large pumpkin from a local farm. Every kid gets to pick their own pumpkin. It's Adam turn today....

So I am off to start this Monday!

PS The photo for today is a MYSTERY SOLVED...It's WHODUNNIT. We all have this creature in our house. He's the one who eats the last cookie, drinks all of my drink, leaves his shoes all over the place and leaves every light on. I caught him. He's fast but I caught him. He does exist.... Posted by Picasa

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