Wednesday, October 11, 2006

you gotta read this

We all spend time, sitting on our butts, reading blogs, sharing jokes.
I love it when I get to read something meaningful.

This note from a Marine in Iraq is a little long but reads quickly. Since I found myself having read through the whole thing without realizing it, I figured it was worth recommending.

It certainly makes you stop and think about what our fine soldiers are doing. I'll tell you what I am going to do today: I am going to mail a HUGE care package to a deployed chaplain. It's the least I can do.

God bless these soldiers who stand in harm's way and God bless their families. Posted by Picasa


Angie said...

I am not sure how I lost you but I am glad I found your link again. :-)

Linda said...

I tried to comment a few times but blogger being blogger, it wouldn't let me. That is one awesome letter he wrote.

Thanks for sharing it. On a side note, I was at a coffee last night and the division General wanted us all to see the "new" Army slogan commercial on his computer. I told his wife politely that I had already seen it - it was on youtube in the morning. She asked me not to tell him, as he was SO proud of himself for having it "early", lol!

SB said...

man, you gotta love YouTube...! I wish some of the "older" establishment would use their junior enlisted for things just like this....

You go to the coffees? I rarely get to go. The distance and the fact that they can be a bit clique-ish sometimes. I have found the General's wives to be funner than most Captain's wives. (Gonna get hate mail from CPT's now......)


Amy Mowbray said...

Thanks for sharing this. My heart goes out to these men & women.