Thursday, November 09, 2006

38 things....

These goofy not-at-all pretty pictures are for my buddy Paige.
So she knows that I am neither fancy nor perfect. Paige is my internet Pen Pal. We've written, chatted, talked and grown as close as sisters for a LONG time (for what...6 years?) well, she lives in PA, a mere 90 miles from me, so we're going to meet up as our b-day gift to each other. Her b-day was two days ago (I would have posted a picture of her but she won't send me a recent one...)

Today is my birthday....well, it's still my birthday for the next half hour!
So I thought I would share 38 completely random nonsense things about me. (Truth: I have nothing better to do. Nothing on TV....)

1. 7 is my lucky number.
2. my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
3. I love the smell of coffee beans but I don't drink coffee.
4. Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite flavor combo.
5. When I eat M&M's, I sort them by color and then eat them one little batch at a time.
6. I don't eat any forms of condiments: no mayo, no mustard, no ketchup. I didn't even consciously use pepper till I was about 18. Freaky, I know?
7. I am terrified of lizards. Even plastic ones freak me out.
8. When people make retching noises, I immediately feel nauseous.
9. I hate having my picture taken. HATE.IT.
10. When I was a small girl, I knew all I wanted to be (when I grew up) was a Mommy. For the most part, I think I was a mommy before I grew up all the way.
11. I am verrrry sarcastic, which is not always a good thing.
12. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing.
13. I like to take baths that would boil most typical humans.
14. The only thing better than chocolate is a footrub while eating chocolate.
15. I am glad that I had kids. It made me a better person.
16. I believe in psychics. One once told me (when I was married to a man who was sterile) that I would have two more kids.
17. I have terrible handwriting.
18. I am a great speller. I just type very carelessly. But in real life in spelling, I ROCK.
19. My favorite flowers are tulips and tiger lillies.
20. My dream vacation is camping across the country, and seeing the Grand Canyon.
21. I am the youngest of 5 kids. Do ya think I fit the "youngest" profile?
22. I can write with both my left and right hands.
23. I love getting mail.
24. I have read Stephen King's "The Stand" so much that you can flip to almost any page and I can quote lines from that page. Love that book. Classic story of battle between good and evil.
25. I love going to thrift stores and garage sales. Getting a bargain makes me giddy!
26. I suck at math except at the grocery store register. I am wicked at math with my coupons!
27. I don't like things that blink. This includes the VCR or clock radio, Christmas lights, and certain people.
28. I had a stroke when I was 21. Learned to use the left side of my body again. NOT EASY. My left side still has weakness but I am lucky that I can walk and talk.
29. I cannot sew. (but my husband can and does.)
30. I want to learn German before I die.
31. The thing I fear most in the world: losing my husband or one of my kids.
32. I am a survivor of horrendous domestic violence. (in my former married life, not my childhood)
33. I get freckles very easily.
34. I cry every time I hear "The Star Spangled Banner". EVERY.TIME. without fail.
35. I am a door slammer. Not proud of it either.
36. I am extremely ticklish. Every inch of me is ticklish to the 10th power.
37. I don't like cheese. None of it. Except on pizza (and I peel lots of it off and give it to my husband.)
38. I am blessed beyond measure and glad that I made it to 38!

Whew.....looking back over my list, I think I am pretty ordinary....but happy! Posted by Picasa

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