Wednesday, November 22, 2006

another card

I know.....same ideas as before. I gotta branch out....
But I needed a card...and quick.
So I did this one and sent it out this afternoon.....
It looks better in person. The browns don't scan well.....I like that used up just scraps on this.

Tonight I am putting the finishing touches on 200 (each one different)Christmas cards bound for Iraq. The insides of those cards are blank so that soldiers can turn around and send them to people they love and miss. I like knowing that my cards end up in lots of mailboxes. Makes me feel good. I also make a few shoesboxes full for the various soldiers (and families) at Walter Reed. LOTS of families in need, and not just at the holidays. I make cards year round. I'll admit, I have not done much in the recent months for WRAMC but I am cranking it up again. I'm already making the template for Easter cards!! It takes so long to mail them and for them to mail them back out, I do them months in advance. Posted by Picasa

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