Monday, November 20, 2006

being thankful

We're very blessed. Micaela goes to a GREAT school. Her teacher is positive, willing to learn and answers my questions. We are THANKFUL for her so we made her this card today. (also made similar cards for the various aides, etc.) -I put a $10 Starbucks card inside. I hope she likes coffee!! It's not much but it's a small gesture.

Don't forget to show your gratitude towards your child's teachers. It will go a LONG way. Last year, I printed out an hysterical story about how parents think that the office ladies are psychic and how they know everything about every kid in the school when the parents call on the phone, and I've gotten more milage from that one article. Respect the Office Ladies and the Lunch Ladies. They know EVERYTHING....My point is: be thankful for your educators. They work hard and need to hear that they're appreciated. (My husband was a teacher for like 8 years before joining the ARMY. He still has nightmares about it...)

I feel good having made a card, no matter how basic. I accomplished something!! Plus I got to use my Stampin' Up Collage alphabet. I will never get tired of using that set. I adore it.

I have to go make another batch of cornbread to make the dressing for Thursday. We make a LOT of dressing.... Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

er...what's it called if you "lift" a card idea? I know if you borrow a layout for scrapbooking it's SCRAPLIFTING, but is is CARDLIFTING????

Anyway...gonna lift that idea RIGHT NOW!!!!

Sue said...

Love the card -- just got that set and I think I will throw together some quickie cards like this -- love it.

SB said...

Another feature about this card that I forgot to mention is that it's ALL FROM SCRAPS. So you can use up some of the tiny lil pieces that we all have.

And Linda, is called CASE (Copy and Steal Everything).....You remember that!!