Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a bit of envy

The elections are over and I am so glad. Democrats whooped it up. Okay, now I am ready to move on. I already got "Gloat-Fest" e-mails from my Dem friends back in TX. Yeah, I know they're doing the happy dance. I was heartbroken that a strong moral conservative like Rick Santorum was beaten. I think this will harm our country. I won't say anything else about politics for a while. I am just going to sit back and watch for a while...

Now, let's move on....

I am TOTALLY envious of my neighbor, Ann's, yard. Ann's yard is the setting for many of my photo shoots. Her yard gets fabulous indirect lighting and look at these trees. They are glorious! These colors, these leaves are why I love Fall.

Yep, I defnitely have a bad case of leaf envy.......and another thing, why do people rake the leaves up? They look so natural and lovely in the yard.....I am a big supporter of NOT raking leaves.

Now, I am late for a "Cars" DVD date in the living room...... Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

leaf raking is exercise...that's why people DO it...but also, that's why more people DON'T do it, lol!

We were disappointed to see Rick Santorum lose - Scott voted for him (he's from PA...)

gardenchick12 said...

Suzanne, I am on your scrapbook list and just logged in to check out your fall cards...they are very pretty...but I had to leave a comment about raking leaves. We rake ours but they don't at the school across the street and we have so many the spring I have to clean them all out of my flower beds and I don't like that job at all.
Also, I'm from PA and voted for Santorum! :)