Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Furiously making cards for shipment to Iraq. I have made probably 200 cards in the last 24 hours. I should have mailed them like....uh 3 weeks ago....I am HORRIBLE at actually going to the physical Post Office. I hate it. Don't even get me started on USPS losing my mail....Don't even go there....Back to the cards, as you can see, they're fairly basic. Thank goodness for OSW, huh? (that stands for one sheet wonder, for all you non-stamping folk....)

Okay......I am excited about a few things....A new project that I am starting on December 1st. It's one of those Ali Edwards inspired deals....Take a picture a day of a piece of your life and journal about it. Sounds terribly ordinary, doesn't it? That is exactly why it appeals to me. I love basics, the mundane, the ordinary....it's what comforts me. So I am going to take pictures of the ordinary stuff in my life and print them in 5x5 format and journal them as I go. You think I can do it? The pictures won't be a problem. I just always put off the journaling....

Also excited because my advertising for my photography business is kicking into high gear. I can't tell you more, but suffice it to say that it's all going to fall into place. I just know it.

Also thrilled that in less than a month, we will be in ALASKA....Man, I miss that place. Micaela wants to stay in a hotel with a heated pool. That girl has her priorities! (The other day she asked her Daddy is Santa has claws....)

I am in a good mood. A smiling good mood. And I have not even had any chocolate.

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Linda said...

OSW cards are awesome. I love those cards...did you use versamark ink or the same color ink to do the watermark look? The versamark never seems to work for me!

Glad to see you're happy today!