Friday, November 10, 2006

have you started?

if you're a crafter, (which most of the 4 people who read my blog are) have you started making your CHRISTMAS cards yet? I am making some in hopes of joining a swap or two. And I just love LOVE this Quickutz reindeer. My personal cards are more Christ oriented, but I still like to make lots of general cards. (and yes, I KNOW his antlers are crooked!) I intend to see REAL reindeer this year for Christmas as WE ARE GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, baby!! Yep, we're heading to the True North. I miss Alaska so much. So in a few weeks time, I'll be in SNOW!!

In other news, our cat, Schroeder, died. Very old cat. My husband had him for like 17+ years. We're having his burial tomorrow. The kids are making pictures to bury with him. Micaela didn't believe me. She's like "Show me the body...." She's been watching "Law & Order" way too much with me....

You know....I joke that only 4 people read my blog. Not true. I get visitors from all over: One person in SWITZERLAND spends a lot of time here. I always wonder what people take from this blog. I would LOVE if you guys would comment more, or I may have to change the name of the blog to "Only Linda Comments here..."


If you want to be on my Christmas card list, send me your address. I will mail you one. It might be after Christmas, but I'll still mail it....(hehehehe) Posted by Picasa


Scott B. said...

Maybe I'm the guy from Switzerland. Depends on the feed. I use Google's Reader to read your stuff (and I read it all usually within moments of you posting it.)...

Cause I like ya and all, ya know.

Have a good weekend!

Your other commenter,

Linda said...

You crack me up...but what an honor it would be to have a blog named after me, lol!

that deer IS cute, lol! Haven't started on my cards, have a few ideas, I'm heading that way. Be sure to sign up for the card exchange on Christian Scrappers!!!

Christy said...

Hey I comment here and there! LOL I want a card, you have my address if not let me know and I'll resend it.