Tuesday, November 21, 2006

how cute.....

Let me just say up front that I don't like how commercialized this Holy Season has become. I really don't. Do I buy gifts for my kids? You bet I do. Do I like how everything is soooooo over-the-top? NO WAY.

I was a kid, my parents bought us everything we wanted. Man, I don't know how they did it. I loved Christmas as a kid. But the message, THE REASON, has gotten lost. It's been replaced by slutty Bratz dolls, ginormous Thomas the Tank engines and drivable mini Hummers......(don't send me hate mail if you own one of these, I'm just sayin'....) Greg and I probably spend about $200...that's for the ENTIRE family, folks.

I will buy most of our gifts from the local Hospice Thrift store (it helps them and me).
My kids won't be overwhelmed by the number of gifts. They will be happy. I just DON'T want them saying, "is that all?" or worse, "is this it???"

I am really trying to show them the REASON, the MESSAGE of this season.

Traditions, special moments and a few fun toys. But above all, FAMILY is together. Okay.......I think it's out of my system for now....I may need to eat some chocolate for a full-reset.

Maybe tomorrow, I will talk about pop stars remaking Christmas carols. It should be outlawed. Does anyone need to hear Jessica Simpson singing anything, much less a scared carol....

Except Martina McBride singing, "O Holy Night.." that one I can totally live with. Posted by Picasa

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