Monday, November 06, 2006

I love it....

Read one of my favorite books the kids of course.
"Oh the Places you'll go!" by Dr. Seuss.

I love everything about this book: the positive message, the sing-song-ness of the words, I love it all. And it speaks to me everytime I read it...I get a different message.
Like tonight, it said to me, "Sometimes you don't always succeed. But it shapes you."

This will be important for me as I venture out with this new business....It's a bit scary, you know. Putting myself out there, having people judge something that's very personal to me. It's not like anything I've ever done before. But I have great passion. And I have ideas. I just have to marry the two now....I am excited and nervous and thrilled to be doing it. But still.....what if I totally flop? Well, I'll just have to read this book frequently to remind me that you don't always succeed. ("Even when you don't, Because sometimes, you won't...")

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Linda said...

We have 'Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go' which is an awesome book for expectant parents and for parents of babies/toddlers. I'm going to be getting this book next. I love books that have rhyming in them, and if they have a message attached, even BETTER.

Suz, you do great work, you know you do, and you're an awesome photographer. Considering what my wedding pictures looked like, done by a "semi-professional" photographer, I'd have hired you as an amateur had I only known you back then!!!!