Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Saw this on another scrappers' blog this morning. I would properly credit them but I don't recall where I was.....Anyway, here's what it said:

"Here are some colors that are predicted to be big in fashion for the upcoming 2007 Spring/Summer fashion lines. As most of you know, scrapbooking usually takes many color/style cues from fashion and home decor lines, so it will be interesting to see how many of these colors actually end up flooding our paper and embellishment lines!"

Do you see one of your favorites there? I am so boring I end up picking the same colors again and again. I AM A CREATURE OF HABIT, people! I don't embrace change well. So my books and pages look very similar because, (I'll admit here) I am afraid of color....

I am!! I can't bring myself to use the splashy colors. Just can't. My friend, Linda, uses colors unabashedly. I can't do it. I can admire others work. BUT I CAN'T DO IT....

(but still over the years, I have bought probably 50# of seriously colorful paper......) Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

THAT'S why we need to get together...I'll TEACH you to use color unabashedly!

I LOVE color!