Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's thursday

This is the latest card I did for the soldiers. First view of course shows the card closed. Then you open it and see the combat boots. It's still a bit wonky, so I gotta work on it before it goes into mass production. I'll tell ya though....that combat boot stamp sees a lot of action in my cards. It's priceless. It was a gift from the woman who designed it. She gave me that one and a bunch more when she heard what I was doing (you know....the cards for the troops). It's been one of my favorites for almost 4 years.

I am mailing out a few boxes tomorrow, bound for Iraq. One of the Units, a military band that I cannot name, asked for coffee. The good stuff. So I stuffed as many Starbucks coffees as I could into a Flat Rate box, all different flavors (Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint something, Christmas blend, and a few a non-coffee drinker, I had to ask other people for ideas). Was a bit disappointed that I could only cram 8 in there. But I know they'll be well appreciated. I asked them for wish lists and all they asked for was really good coffee. (I sent some tea, too, just in case there's a tea drinker in their midst.)

Our Ladies Advent is donating a substantial amount of gifts to Walter Reed this year. I am trying to do my little bit, too. Please don't forget about our troops. I know many people just switch the channel when talk of the war comes on. No matter what you think of our current Administration or the war, put it aside and show kindness and mercy to our Troops. They are far from the comforts, far from wives and husbands and children. Far from HOME. If you cannot donate something for the troops, just offer up a silent prayer for them and those who love them.

God bless our men and women in uniform. Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

I got walgreens to lift their limit on coupons for gum and stuff...I have about 30 package of gum, and today I'm going to hit the store that has nuts and things at 10/$10. These will all go to our church which is collecting to send stuff to the troops. We have about 100 known members of our church who are in the military, many of them are deployed or deploying soon.

I SO want those two stamps....BEAUTIFUL!

rennratt said...

As a raging coffee drinker, I recommend standard 8 O'Clock Coffee, any of the flavored Folgers brands(especially Chocolate Silk), Community Coffee (from Lousiana), etc.

You can also get Millstone brand mini coffees (each equals 1-2 pots, depending on strength). The mini packs currently go 2/$2 at WalMart SuperCenters - at least locally.

rennratt said...

As a raging coffee drinker, I recommend 8 O'Clock coffee, standard Folgers, Community Coffee (from Louisiana), and the new Flavored Folgers - especially the Chocolate Silk.

If you want more 'personalized' choice, I would recommend the Millstone mini coffees, which can make 1-2 pots per container. They currently run about 2/$2 at WalMart Super Centers, and come in a variety of flavors.

SB said...

I had to giggle when I saw you write "raging coffee drinker". I didn't know any other kind existed! My own mother, bless her heart, would DIE without her coffee. I think she drinks 4 POTS a day minimum. Seriously.

I ended up with a strong variety of Starbucks (French Roast and something else), a few Millstone (Peppermint Stick and something Pumpkin-ish) and I even got Cinnabon flavored coffee.

I am so sheltered. As a non-coffee drinker, I had no idea that such a world existed. Now I feel like I am missing out on something big.