Thursday, November 09, 2006

long overdue swap

I am in a group of fine Christian women who stamp and scrap. It's a Yahoo group. I joined a swap. Mailed my stuff out only to have the Priroity Mail envelope mangle half of my swap cards! Luckily the PO here in town saw my address on the INSIDE of the envelope and returned it to me. I re-made some of my cards and am now sending them out AGAIN.

I love Fall.
I love Fall cards.
And I totally adore that Pumpkin Pie paper and my trusty corner rounder.
I am so gonna scrap tonight after I watch "Grey's Anatomy"...

I thought of a new Christmas card design last night. It woke me up at 3am!!

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Linda said...

ooooh, you gotta love that early morning inspiration. I need to start keeping a notepad by my bed to write things down. I had something in my head and now I can't remember it for the LIFE of me...sigh.

Sheila in Seattle said...

Gorgeous cards! What is the name of the Yahoo group? I need to join another group! Ha ha!

SB said...

go to Yahoo and look up Christian Scrappers & Stampers and you'll find out how to join. It's a GREAT group of ladies....I love being a part of the group. Low pressure, high rewards.