Friday, November 03, 2006

mmmmm good

I'll admit it. I am a big fan of Ali Edwards' work. I think her ideas are good, her style is jusr eclectic enough not to look like the same old thing. She's earthy yet cool. She gets crap from some of the Pubsters on 2Peas, but does anyone listen to a Pubster other than another Pubster? (for those of you who are not scrappers, a Pubster is something hell-bent on getting published. I am not one of them.)

Well, she has this cool new calendar coming out and I think I just night buy this. Maybe.....
Here's the clip from her blog:

"Do you have a calendar for 2007 yet? I have been working on a Life Art 2007 Wall Calendar on and off for the last month or so and I finished it up last night. Click on the "view calendar pages" from the link to see each month's design. Each month features a theme "word" and creative thoughts related to that word, including a prompt for creating a layout. This would make a cool holiday gift for a creative friend."

If nothing else, I am going to total scrap-lift the word from each month and do a themed book for 2007 with them. But man, isn't that calendar cute?

She (Ali Edwards) is coming to Get Croppin's ScrapBowl 2007 here in VA (Dulles Expo Center) I went to her class last year but I am probably going to skip it this year. The prices are just too high. I mean, really, $60 for a crop WITH NO FOOD, and only 4 feet of space...? I can do that at home WITH food for FREE Of course, convincing Ali Edwards to scrap in my scary basement would be difficult.

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