Wednesday, November 22, 2006

oh no

Oh NO.......
The little boy with the marker and a Dalmation state of mind strikes again.
This time, he got to Baby!
Micaela rec'd Baby on the day she born. She's VERRRRRY attached to Baby, sleeps with her every night, dissolves into tears when I must wash her.
Can you imagine the blood-curdling screams when she found this?
I heard her screaming and was sure she's broken her spine or something......

Baby is presently being tenderly washed. (after she was soaked for half hour in BOILING hot water) with my trusty Oxy Magic by Clorox....Man, I totally swear by that stuff. It ROCKS. Grass stains, no problem. Sweaty teenager, I can handle that. Dirt, formula stains, bloody noses, socks that look like you climbed the Himalayas...oh yeah, Oxy Magic can clean that.....

But can it clean Baby??

We shall see. I took pictures all along the way. It has clever commercial written all over it, don't ya think? Posted by Picasa

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