Friday, November 17, 2006

roll recipe?

I have a Zo bread machine and I LOVE IT. Have had it for years. Even bought my Mom one last year. It's a MACHINE. And I love the control it gives me in our diets. I can decide how much sugar/fat/sodium goes into our bread (to some extent)....

We don't eat a tremendous amount of bread anymore. We've evaluated our carb intake and it was too high so we've cut down on bread by probably 85% (not joking) and I adore bread. It's right up there with chocolate for me.

Thanksgiving is coming and I'll be doing the big old Traditional TG Meal. My meal comes complete with homemade dinner rolls. I have a recipe that I use but it feels too heavy. So I am looking for a new TRIED & TRUE recipe. I could go onling to and get one, but I want one that someone, a REAL person, can say is FABULOUS. So if you have a bread machine roll recipe, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share. Leave it in the comments or e-mail me! I'll even share a recipe with you. I make a meal peanut butter bread. Takes GREAT slightly toasted for PBJ's....

So all you lurkers (and I know where you are, just not who you are..) SHARE! speak up!

Now, I am off to a school program about the New World and Squanto (an Indian...they no longer say Native American?), and the meaning of Thanksgiving. Micaela, my little sweet SHY Micaela, has 4 lines!! She practiced all night. You know I'll be taking pictures..... Posted by Picasa

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