Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thirteen Things in I felt in my day:
1. gratitude- that I am healthy once again and warm in my house.
2. giggling- Adam is still dressed as a Pirate. A Polite Pirate, I might add. He wore his HOOK HAND everywhere today. Even to Target, much to my delight.
3. pride- in Micaela's continued efforts to improve her reading and hand-writing.
4. joy- that I am a Child of God. I am listening to my Chris Tomlin radio through and I love it! Let's me have FREE access to lots of free music..
5. Thankful- that I am loved.
6. worried- about a pregnant friend.
7. prayerful- about the above-mentioned friend.
8. anxious- having a dinner guest over and I like to make sure everything is in order. Stew, homemade cornbread and the yummiest chocolate cake evah!
9. ready- for the mid-term elections to be OVER!
10. lazy- I don't WANT to make the bed, fold anymore laundry, (insert any menial chore here)....but I am going to anyhow. It's my duty.
11. happy- Tonight is Grey's Anatomy (which I will tape and watch tomorrow morning..)
12. worried again- Jonathan might get suspended for a meltdown at school today. LONG story, best not to be blogged.
13. EXCITED- that it's almost Saturday which is RESPITE DAY!! 5 hours of time alone with my husband, where we will be celebrating my birthday a few days early!! HOOAH!!

It's been a good day.

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Linda said...

I FIGURED it was you who sent me came up as noreply@....blah, blah, blah. But who else would know I love Chris Tomlin but you????

I really like that site!

I'm thankful for friends like you!

SB said...

duh...........I am like a MAJOR Chris Tomlin fan! Although I must confess, I have had MercyMe totally cranked today. I NEEDED IT!! I have been praying for the Lord to lift me and He has. It's all in His time, not mine. But man, that music sure helps to remind me of why He has me on this path.


Glad you like Pandora. I love that it's TOTALLY FREE!