Friday, December 15, 2006

5 seniors/PTO/shopping

I am offering FOR FREE 5 Senior Picture Packages. The first 5 Seniors who e-mail me can have their packages free. This won't last long, so hurry!

Have the PTO Spaghetti Dinner tonight at Emerick. They're auctioning off one of my Portrait Packages. I hope someone nice wins. I am offering my daughter's teacher a free sitting. She's so lovely, I would love to have her in my portfolio....

I finished my shopping! All done! Well, that's not true. I have one more gift to buy for Jonathan. He's so tough to buy for. But the two wee ones are DONE!!

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Linda said...

I have claimed that I was done shopping, but I realized I had not done the stocking stuffers yet. So I did that at YOUR beloved Target, lol! I went there for 2 boxes of cards...that was it. Came home with $90 worth of stuff...including 2 pairs of sneakers (tennis shoes) for Hannah...and one for me. Best yet, I got mine in the kids department, so I have a matching pair with Hannah! LOVE having small feet!!!!!

How could I have spent all that $$$ at Target????

But I walked there, since it's a gorgeous day. The boy is now happily ensconced watching Wonderpets, eating a bag of Target popcorn and an Icee - all for a buck. Best bargain yet.