Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adam and his toys

In my continuing quest to find my kids' some cool toys for pennies, I found this gem today:

href="Deals'>http://www.counttrackula.com/tracker/links/3057/10961">Deals and Bargains

It's a place where you go to find good deals. And today, I found the BIG GIFT that Adam wants. You guessed it: it's the HOT WHEELS TURBO GLO TURBO TUNNEL TRACK SET. Although I am not excited about the game, HE IS. He gets hours of play, I get to step on small metal cars at 4a.m. If played in the dark, the cars leave a laser-like trail...Nonetheless, if I must buy it, I want to pay as little as possible. So I find the deals at www.wubee.com and everyone is happy. The kids will each get one major gift and this is Adam's. (I was unable to find a Fisher Price Microscope but I have a lead on another kind..thanks Lisa!)

What makes Wubee special? It is a website provides on a daily basis great deals found online. These include rebate offers and free after rebate specials as well as recently cut prices. Those rebates can make some toys practically FREE. And you know how I love FREE! Be sure to check out the Hot Deals at the bottom of the page. They had memory cards for $4.00!!

So give it a shot: Posted by Picasa

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