Sunday, December 10, 2006

are you going to see this?

I am going to see this. "The Nativity Scene"..(when it hits the $2.50 theater because I can take my kids there and if they act up, I don't lose a small fortune by leaving). I do want to see this movie. The last movie Greg and I went to alone was "The Passion of the Christ" we'll take the kids. I do love cheap movies....

Has anyone else seen it? Reviews? Comments? Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

I haven't seen it, but I am concerned about the message that is BEHIND the scenes. The young lady who plays Mary is 16 and in REAL LIFE is an unwed mother...I just can't see setting my values about the birth of our Savior on this one...I know the story...but at least Mary was a virgin, and Joseph married her.

The actress is SIXTEEN
(DOB 03/24/1990)

And her bio lists this:

Significant Others
*Companion: Bradley Hull. She was 13 years old when they met; expecting their first child together.

I suppose I'll eventually see it, because I DO LOVE the story behind it...but once again, Hollywood glamourizes the unwed mother. sigh...

sorry about my soapbox!

SB said...

I know about this already...She IS 16. Very young. Too young in fact.

She didn't get knocked up until AFTER the movie though. Not that it changes anything.....

but yeah I know, that bothers me too. A lot.

Still it's the ONLY movie this Season at the theater about the BIRTH OF CHRIST. How many chances do we get to see that on the big screen?

I might go. Then again maybe not.