Friday, December 08, 2006

be an angel today

We all have to be KNOWN for something: I am known for nagging people.
Even strangers.
And I nag people a lot about volunteering, and giving, and sharing.
It's what we are made to do. It's truly what God wants me to do..
Share, not nag, I mean.

Anyhow, I love it when an angel crosses my path. I might not notice right away because maybe they were anonymous. Or maybe it wasn't evident at first that they were an angel.
But sometimes someone will do something and you'll just know that they're an angel.

Here's the story: Greg and I are in charge of the big shindig at Ft Myer tomorrow. The Old Guard's Children Christmas party. it's a LOT of work, lots of planning, and for me, lots of buying the stuff to make the party happen. Today found me buying last minute toys for the infants that will sit atop our Santa's lap. In all of my shopping, I had forgotten the babies!

So off to the Dollar Store (struck out, picked over), then the dreaded Wal-Mart (shockingly small selection). I came home, fortified myself with a cup of Earl Grey and picked up Micaela, and planned on setting out for Target, my beloved Target....but then I remembered that the Outlet Mall is before Target so on a whim, I turned in. (Remember, I have both Adam, 4 and Micaela, 6 with me. and we're going into a TOY STORE to buy toys for OTHER KIDS and not them....)

So into KB Toys we go (at the Outlet Mall in Lessburg for those of you keeping track).....and the ladies there were soooo helpful. I told them I needed cheap but fun toys for babies and I needed a lot of them. About $35 bucks worth...they helped me find what I needed and even dug in boxes in the back to find stuff that was 2 for $1.00! I told them that these were for children of military servicemembers and they were glad to help. One of the ladies had a strong family connection to our military. Both her husband and her son had served, so she was glad to help me. I went up to check out, after pleading and then arguing with Adam that no, he could not buy the Red Car from Cars, that we were there to buy for OTHER KIDS....

then it happened. The whole Angel thing......

the two ladies behind the counter GAVE US the bag of toys FOR FREE! FOR FREE, guys!
I burst out crying at this kindness. It's so good to see someone respect our military and their families. The sacrifices the children make when parents deploy is hard. The time away from families is tough. And these two kind strangers in KB Toys recognized that. I hugged both of the women and wished them a Merry Christmas.

And I knew they were angels. I just knew. Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

okay, tears in my eyes here too...angels are everywhere, aren't they????