Monday, December 11, 2006

birthdays anyone?

It's a well-known fact that I am AWFUL at forgetting people's birthdays.
I remember them.
I just don't remember to actually mail a card. You know....with an actual stamp? (who does that anymore?) I try but I am a dork and I FORGET!!
I pay all of my bills online. I watch shows online, so it stands to reason that I would send birthday cards online, doesn't it?

I like getting cards, virtual or otherwise. That's why I like American Greeetings, it's a ONE STOP shop for my birthday stuff. It offers a generous selection of ecards, invitations, and printables as well as the reminder service available to keep track of birthdays of family and friends (for forgetful dorks like myself). You know the best way to remember someone's birthday? Forget it one time and they will never let you forget it again....seriously.

Otherwise, rely on American Greetings. There are GOBS of categories and individual cards available: they have Family, Belated, Over the Hill and LOTS of the cards are FREE (which is great for Cheapos like me, I am cheap AND late); they even have printable cards which you can then customize and print these cards!...

But for me, the major selling point is the free reminder service and desktop calendar available(to keep track of birthdays and make sure not to forget an important birthday again).

I always get this part wrong. Putting the link in:


In case, anyone is keeping track my birthday is NOVEMBER 9th.
and I like e-cards, especially from American Greetings. You can even just send one for no reason other than to say "I love you"....send me your b-day and I will remember your birthday...(maybe).... Posted by Picasa


Scott B. said...

November 13th. You should remember... You use to walk around saying that you were smarter than me becuase you were four days older than me.

SB said...

I *am* smarter, With age comes wisdom, grosshopper. I crammed a lot in those 4 days.


(BTW, happy belated birthday)....