Thursday, December 14, 2006

CB/shopping and more

which will be first?
I was glancing (okay, stalking) the ProvoCraft site today.
Looking at all of the fabulous alphabets and embossing folders for my CB (Cuttle Bug). And I think this will be the first one I buy. It's simple (like me), unassuming and versatile....

But man, my list is long.

I really REALLY have to start playing the Lottery.

I mean, look at this list:
Cuttlebug Alphabets Hippy Chick
Cuttlebug Alphabets Olivia
Cuttlebug Alphabets You're not the Boss of Me

37-1139 emboss a2 heart blocks
37-1140 emboss a2 snowflakes
37-1130 emboss a2 baby
37-1235 emboss 2x2.75 birthday
37-1056 alphabet harmony
37-1060 alphabet typewriter
37-1154 die 3x3 squirrel
37-1214 die 2x2 fall leaves
37-1203 die 2x2 birthday

I am going to Recollections tonight to see how tall the Red Tag alphabet is. If it's comparable to my QK Classic Studio, then I will EBay the QK to buy TWO of the CB alphabets. It's a no-brainer, man. One thing's for sure: I bet QK drops in price. THEY HAVE TO....

The bright side, I can sell on QK on Ebay and pay for ALL of the non-alphabet dies I want. The CB are cheap, and if you pace yourself and use the coupons, they're even cheaper.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I think I might do some actual scrapbooking, instead of just yammering on and on about it.

TONIGHT: Christmas shopping for the J-man.....he's hard to buy for. Sadly, he does not want CB alphabets. He might get his CD player back and some new CD's. He really likes MercyMe. Even though he's easy to please, he's hard to buy for? I mean, what do you buy for a mentally retarded 18 year old? He has the mind of a 4-6 year old. He watches Blue's Clues. It's times like this I long with a bit of normalcy where Jon is concerned.......but if he were "normal", he's be borrowing the car, DATING and rolling his eyes at me.....He is the way he is.

Okay, enough blogging for today. Until tomorrow, my fine friends! Posted by Picasa

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