Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cheapos Part 2

Did some more research.
Found another great site for online coupon codes.
You know why I am passing this along? Because I am like many of you, I have kids and the thought of taking them into a shopping mall during the month of December is repugnant. I don't like dragging them to the Mall on a good day, much less during DECEMBER. So, I do my shopping online. And sites that save me money save my sanity....literally.

So like I said I was doing more research (that's what I like to call the endless amount of time I am planted in front of my computer)'s all for YOU, people. Appreciate me!!

Saving money. You gotta check out this other site. It's an online coupon site, it's updated frequently (almost daily). Shopped save a tremendous amount of money using their codes and their layout makes it easy. Savaes me time and I like that. It's all laid out well. wanna know WHERE?? okay, don't get so impatient.

="Online'>">Online Coupons

so go click. Save money. Buy me a gift while you're at it. Ring size is 5. I prefer sapphires. And I don't think there's anything impersonal about gift certificates. only joking...just thank me when you save yourself a wad of cash!

Ok, I am going to fix dinner now. You guys are on your own. Posted by Picasa

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