Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the day after......

Christmas is not officially OVER, but I have already removed the indoor decorations.
The massive pile of discarded gift wrapped in crammed into several trash cans.
Gum (from stockings) has been scraped off the floor.
I've picked up some of the new toys no less than 40 BILLION times....

I have bigger fish to fry now.
I have to prepare the laundry and get everyone packed,
because in a short while, we're bound for ALASKA, baby!

We get to catch up with old friends (hi Paul & Kathy...we cannot wait to see you!!)
We get to plat in the SNOW!!
We get to breathe real mountain air.
No one will laugh at us if our boots don't match our outfits.
No one think anything odd if we wear out hats indoors.
aaahhhh, Alaska......

I cannot wait.

The gift report: the kids racked up some awesome gifts. Jonathan's gift was perhaps the most life changing. He got a new (small 13") TV for his room. HIS OWN TV!! He no longer has to watch what the kids want to watch. He now has a small couch and a small TV. Except for the bathroom and occasional food, we have not seen him much.....(this is my "peace on Earth"....)

Greg loved what I bought him : a tenoning jig. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it does. I just know he wanted it. And he bought me something nice, too. Perhaps I will tell you about that after the holidays are over....

I hope that something under your tree made you happy.
Now, I am off to wash more clothes..... Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous! Alaska sounds awesome! I have to return to work tomorrow, unfortunately. Have a fabulous time! I'll miss your entries while you are gone.