Saturday, December 09, 2006

do I want this or what?

It's the Cuttle Bug. From Provo Craft. It does die cuts AND IT EMBOSSES!! It embosses....did I mention that it embosses? Oh I do want it....I do......but after Christmas, they will drop in price and I might get one then....maybe....maybe.....but man, isn't it cute? I could ditch my clunky Sizziz and use this...If they offer one of those "trade your Sizziz in" deals, I am all over it! The footprint of this is smaller than the Sizzix. And it EMBOSSES......

Oh yes, I do want this. Yessir, yes I do..... Posted by Picasa

Edited at 7:16pm: Guess what I bought on the way home? THE VERY LAST CuttleBug in this area....I swear to you. I went to 3 stores. I just wanted the demo to see if I would like it and the sales lady told me how they were getting calls left and right to hold this last one and sadly they weren't allowed to hold items, so I bought it. If I hate it (which so far I don't) there's always EBay. I know, I much for waiting. Now Greg won't have to shop for me at all. I bought my own gift! Wooooo Hooooo! I will review it for you tomorrow.

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