Friday, December 08, 2006

from VA to AZ

Adam and I had lunch in town today. Well, actually HE had lunch and I sat there talking with the townies...You know, people who live in town. P'Ville is a small town where everyone KNOWS everyone and everything about everyone. Seriously.

Well, one of the ladies was getting ready to retire and move out West. To Scottsdale, Arizona. They all oohed and aahed over how warm she'll be. It's been in the 20-30's here for a few days with fierce winds so the cold is on everyone's mind. She's just picking up and moving on. No plans. Her daughter lives somewhere out there, she says. She is going to "fly by the seat of her pants". Her house has been paid off for decades and sit on precious LAND in Northern Virginia (read: megabucks) so she's cashing in and moving on, where her joints won't ache and her hair won't wilt in summer. I wonder if she will look up someplace like Scottsdale Fine Properties. God knows, she'll probably be able to buy herself a nice little ranch....

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I wonder what that would be like. When Greg and I retire, it will be to the cold, not the warm. We want Alaskan summers and winters both. But it might be nice to visit AZ to thaw out every once in a while. I would for sure contact a real estate agent and get the best value for my dollar. No one knows the neighborhoods like a realtor. Like like small towns themselves, they KNOW things. Posted by Picasa

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