Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am tired today.
For no other reason that I am awake.
Just sleepy. I did start a SUPER house cleaning today. That always make me tired.
Made this card today. Woopee....nothing fancy. Just some embossing. Made it for my SIL, she's had some health problems and I want her to know we're thinking of her. She lives in Iowa, where it actually snows. Today in Virginia, we can wear shorts. AND IT'S DECEMBER. That is so wrong. Before you go all nuts about global warming, it's like this here all the time. The weather is wimpy but people still freak about it.
Might make some more cards today. Just maybe. If I can stay awake long enough.... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

One of my favorite stamp sets - Lace Snowflakes...yes, I DO own it!!!

Always like silver embossed on navy...I like that card!

I made another dozen cards last night, and still need to make more. That is now officially 84 cards made - a dozen were given to a lady sending them to her husband to give to soldiers in Iraq. The rest are mine. Sad...I know I won't get that many cards back either....