Friday, December 15, 2006

I want this.....

I went Christmas shopping last night. It made me a but cranky. And it also made me re-think EVER going into a Mall or shopping center again during the holidays. I mean, really, why would I? EVERYTHING is one the internet. Anything can be shipped anywhere. Who needs the Mall?

So I came home. Was surfing and found this: I was sold on this even before I saw the extensive holiday selection, ratings & reviews, easy navigation, great service and great gift ideas.

Not to mention this:
Buy More & Save!! Use coupon code "buymore" get save 5% on your order.

They have popcorn tins, which I LOVE....they have chocolate covered yummies, which I love. They have fruit baskets, brownies, chocolate covered apples. fruit & wine, nuts and much much more. It's really a cool site. I wish I had found it sooner! You have to go check out Mrs. Beasley's Chocolate Chimney, it's just too cute!

This kind of site can offer you the ease of shopping from home, a wide selection, good prices, discounts......why would you consider going to the Mall when the goodies are just a few clicks away? I think it would be easy to buy your clients small personal gifts through Delightful Deliveries and you'll know that you did a great job!

Don't wait! Avoid the Malls! Save your sanity and some cash!
Gift Baskets
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Linda said...

that DOES look yummy...and it would be better than a jogging suit, lol!

SB said...

if I eat this though, I will NEED the jogging suit..worse than I do now. I am going to buy these kids one of those popcorn tins from target today.